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 Gunnister Gloves Pattern $5.00
15th c. - early 18th c.
Sizes: Women's Medium, Men's Medium, Men's Large

Monmouth Cap Pattern (one size fits most) $4.50
15th c. - 18th c.

18th c. Knitted Women's Mitts Pattern (one size fits most) $4.50

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18th century Knitted Mittens Pattern (includes a full range of Adult & Child sizes) $4.50

Scots Bonnet Pattern (aka Tam) $4.50

Pattern errata

Merchants carrying these patterns:
Burnley & Trowbridge
Reconstructing History
William Booth, Draper, who also carry a lovely line of sewing and knitting notions

The "Buy Now" buttons will take you to PayPal; after you pay, you will be directed to a link where you can download the pattern in Adobe .pdf format.  If you don't have a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it here.

If you prefer to send for a printed pattern via firstclass mail (U.S.), an order form is available to print and mail.

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Free Articles, Patterns and Instructions on MaraRiley.net:
How to Draft an 18th Century Shift

How to Make a Pair of 18th Century Stays
Notes on 18th Century Knitting  
17th / 18th Century Common Stockings (notes)  
Chart for 18th Century Stockings  
Shortgowns (includes notes on drafting your own)

Other sources of online patterns and instructions:
17th c. costume on ReconstructingHistory.com
18th c. costume on ReconstructingHistory.com
18th c. Patterns, Hairstyles etc. on marquise.de (in German)
Battle Road Clothing & Accoutrements: clothing & other information for a late 18th c. impression
Compagnie des 100 Associes -- interesting articles (in French) on French colonial sabots and corsets blanc
How to Make an Elizabethan Corset (can be modified for 18th c. wear; see instructions above)
Men's shirts (16th-18th c.), women's 16th-17th c. shifts, at fabrics-store.com
NWTA patterns page  
Pattern for knitting a Monmouth Cap

Commerical patterns can be found online at:
Burnley & Trowbridge
Fig Leaf Patterns
Five Rivers -- carries a wide variety of patterns
Jas. Townsend & Son, Inc. -- also sells some items for early 19th c. and Rendezvous impressions, so know what you're looking for before buying
Kannik's Korner
La Fleur de Lyse -- patterns for 18th c. French colonial impressions
Past Patterns -- has a new 1796 gown pattern
ReconstructingHistory -- wide range of period pattern, multiple sizes per pattern
Smoke & Fire -- sells items ranging for impressions ranging from Medieval through Civil War

Before you buy patterns, you might want to visit The Great Pattern Review, courtesy of the Greater Bay Area's Costumer's Guild.



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