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18th c. Women's Mitts pattern

Thumb gusset:

Count the total number of stitches on the needles and divide by half. Knit that number of stitches from the beginning of the round, so that the thumb gusset will be placed directly opposite from the “seam”. Place 1 marker; increase 1 stitch, knit stitch, increase 1 stitch, place marker. Increase 1 stitch after the first marker and before the second marker every other round for 6 rounds, then every third round until there are 19 gusset stitches.

One knitter suggests that getting gauge on this pattern is easier using fingering, rather than sport weight, yarn.


18th Century Knitted Mittens

(5/10/08) Thumb gusset:
Left mitten: Knit across 14 (15, 17, 18) stitches.



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