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Online Essays:
Adventures in Period Leatherwork
Before the Clearances: 17th and 18th Century Scottish Highland Costume
Dressing For The Thirty Years War: Dutch and German Costume circa 1630
Miscellaneous Notes on 18th Century Pennsylvania German Costume
A Timeline of Women's Stays (17th and 18th Century)  
Notes on 18th Century Knitting  
17th & 18th Century Knitted Caps
A Timeline of Women's Jackets (work in progress)
18th Century Printed Textiles (work in progress)

Existing Garments, in chronological order:
Early 18th century embroidered apron
1740s jacket
1740-1760 stays
1780s jacket
Woman's Hooded Cloak, c. 1780-1800
Linen Shift, c. 1780-1800

Other sites:
Other archived items sold by antiques dealer Karen Augusta
Embroidered pockets at HistoryWired and Memorial Hall Museum (MA)

Last but not least, a few of my least favorite reenacting myths & other rants

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